gives you tools to better understand where your energy comes from and costs with the know how to cleanly generate more of your own.
14 day forecast for renewable (wind, solar), nuclear and higher carbon/import generation vis a vis demand.
Balancing Market pricing and trading activity for major generators.
Current and 14 day forecasts (updated 4x daily) for over 200 wind farms around Britain, from the largest North Sea offshore farms to the smallest onshore developments.
Current and 14 day power generation forecasts (updated 4x daily) for over 1000 solar farms (representing 8.5GW) around Britain.
Evaluate the renewable and energy self-sufficiency potential of your home or business, with 14 day forecasts and profiling of typical year generation backed with 15 years of historical weather data.
Track thousands of power stations, solar/wind farms and interconnectors connected to the British electricity grid.
Wholesale gas prices remain the biggest driver of power prices, both in Britain and continental Europe.