I'm Ben Watts and my passion is developing data heavy web and mobile apps.

I develop highly performant apps for mobile and the web using React and React Native. I share code between these platforms, and am adept targeting both web or mobile first strategies.

I tightly integrate back and frontend using Graphql, Apollo (client and server) and Typescript, to minimise errors, and ensure the best possible offline experience and performance. I build static sites using Gatsby to create blazingly fast and SEO performant sites.

I develop projects on tightly managed Github repositories, with unit, integration and end to end testing (usually leveraging CircleCI). This enables me to easily build, test and manage separate production and staging environments.

I use the best serverless (or Docker containerised) infrastructure, to ensure your app can scale and be deployed on AWS, GCP, or Azure with ease, minimal waste and in an event-driven fashion.

I prefer working from well designed wireframes or prototypes (in Zeplin, Framer etc), though I can quickly create functional apps using Antd and Native Base (among other design systems).

I enjoy working for all sorts of organisations, and in recent years have helped startups, large enterprises and government/defence projects. Many of these are covered by NDAs, but I can usually get strong endorsements/references on request.

I build apps for clients that scale across the most robust, cutting-edge technologies:

React Native
Dynamo DB